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Ruben Dalibaltayan (1973) was born in Yerevan, Armenia. After completing music school in the class of Anahit Shahbazyan, he moved to Moscow to pursue his musical education in the Gnesin music Academy under the mentorship of professor Arthur Berngardt. Ruben obtained his Master’s degree at the Moscow State Conservatory under the guidance of professor Valery Kastelsky. His professional and personal formation has been greatly influenced by a number of outstanding musicians such as Boris Berlin, Lazar Berman and Alexis Weissenberg, who awarded Ruben his personal international prize in 2001.

Winner of ten prestigious international piano competitions in Armenia, China, Croatia and Italy, Ruben quickly established himself in the international music scene. This accomplishment was immediately noted and described as a remarkable achievement by prominent performers and critics alike. The prize awards he collected at the Second China International Piano Competition in Beijing (China), the Svetislav Stančić International Piano Competition in Zagreb (Croatia) and at the Aram Khachaturyan International Piano Competition in Yerevan (Armenia) expanded his recognition as an “intelligent and subtle pianist, whose performance always reveals something new and consistently interesting” according to Lazar Berman’s testimony.

Ruben’s concert tours include numerous countries of Europe, Asia and America. The performances range from solo recitals and concerts with Symphony orchestras to participation in chamber ensembles – a piano duo with his wife Julia Gubajdullina and the well-known  trio “Amadeus” to be mentioned. Ruben is a member of the SONEMUS organisation (Sarajevo’s Organisation for New Music).

His repertoire encompasses music from baroque to present days. With more than 20 concerts in his program and a special emphasis on the Romantic period Ruben performs a wide range of musical works. In collaboration with the Croatian Radio and Croatian Music Institut he recently recorded the entirety of the piano opus of the famous Croatian composer Blagoje Bersa. For this double CD Ruben received the highest acknowledgement  of the Croatian Ministry of Culture – “Vladimir Nazor award” for greatest achievements in music and arts. The pianist also gives special attention and dedication to the promotion of the works of Armenian composers, an interesting and original music inseparably linked to the culture of his native country. 

Ruben began his pedagogic activities at the Sarajevo Music academy in 2000 and has been serving since 2005 as a Professor of piano at the Zagreb University Music Academy. In 2017 he was invited to be a guest Professor in Liechtenstein Music academy. During last ten years Ruben raised a new generation of young pianists who achieved tremendous results and became prize winners of various international competitions. Despite of their young age some students succeed to make an outstanding international career. The most prestigious competitions and the most prominent winners are  Ivan Krpan – 1st Prize on Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition in Bolzano 2017, 1st prize winner on Ettlingen International Piano Competition 2016, and Aljosa Jurinic - 1st prize winner of Robert Schumann International Piano Competition in Zwickau 2012, Finalist of Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw 2015, and 5th prize winner of " Queen Elizabeth" International Piano Competition in Brussels 2016. Both of them have also got "Ivo Vuljević" National prize as the best young musicians in Croatia. 
As part of his pedagogical work Ruben holds master classes and seminars on a regular basis in Croatia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Russia, Armenia etc. He is also frequently invited as a jury member at various international music competitions. His noteworthy projects include the founding of the piano summer school in Makarska (Croatia) in 2005, together with Julia Gubajdullina. The seaside piano master course has since evolved into one of the most prominent events for young pianists in the region.
Prize winner of the China International Piano Competition in Beijing, the Svetislav Stančić International Piano Competition in Zagreb and at the Aram Khachaturyan International Piano Competition in Yerevan. He performed in Europe, Asia and America. Serving since 2005 as a Professor of piano at the Zagreb University Music Academy. During last ten years he raised a new generation of young pianists as Ivan Krpan and Aljosa Jurinic.

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