professor for the programs:
Annual Course, Artistic Master, Post-Graduate Master

“Linda Campanella is an artist of great calibre who commands an impeccable vocal technique.
As a vocal coach Linda manages to pass technical confidence  on to any young talent enabling them to approach ”il  bel canto”  and any other repertoire with ease” (Renata Scotto).

“... a very extended and incredibly effortless voice when hitting high-pitched notes in the whistle register, musically flawless, expressive and scenically delightful... “ (A. Merli)

She is acclaimed as one of the most versatile voices on the international opera scene, and more  recently as one of the best vocal technique and interpretation coaches.

A graduate in piano playing and opera studies, she refined her operatic skills with Renata Scotto, Franca Mattiucci, Rockwell Bell and Robert Kettelson.

Linda Campanella offers a vast and proven experience in diverse musical contexts: melodramma, baroque, lieder, sacred and contemporary.

In melodramma she naturally combines technical and interpretative qualities. She has been a regular guest at the most prestigious international theatres singing all over the world.

She particularly excels in roles of Italian and Mozartian bel canto.

She has made her debut in almost 50 operatic roles including the main leading characters in Mozart’s (Susanna, Donna Anna, Queen of the Night, Konstanze etc), Rossini’s (Rosina, Fanni, Berenica, Sofia etc), Donizetti’s (Lucia, Adina, Norina, Betly etc) up to Verdi’s Traviata and Rigoletto.

She delivered memorable performances at The Donizetti Festival in Bergamo, at the Regio of Turin, at the Coccia of Novara, at the Philarmonic Theatre of Verona, and abroad in Japan, China and South Africa.

An earnest consideration goes to the numerous collaborations and recordings with baroque ensembles such as Diego Fasolis’ Barocchisti and Estevan Velardi’s Stradella Consort culminating in the release of several CDs where she performs from Stradella’s, Vivaldi’s, Scarlatti’s and Paer’s repertoire.

Linda is also renowned in the sacred and contemporary music field. Some notable composers (Colla, Possio, Correggia and Yanov-Yanovsky) specifically wrote operatic roles for her in celebration of her virtuosic qualities. In this regard it is worth mentioning her cooperation with the MITO Festival.

Another remarkable contribution is her repertoire in the field of lieder: from Mozart’s lieder to Berg’s, moving through the German, Spanish, French Romantics and Late Romantics to the Polish songs by Chopin and the Russian compositions by Sostakovic and Tchaikovsky. Her collaborations with numerous pianists, and lately with the piano maestro Michele Campanella, are of great significance in this context.

In addition Linda is a highly regarded teacher of vocal technique and interpretation.
Students from China, Russia and Japan travel to Italy to attend Linda’s coaching lessons. She has conducted opera master classes at Kunitachi University of Tokyo and at Beijing Academy, and at several Italian Music Conservatories. She has also been an operatic teacher at The Voice Academy of Turin.
Ranked as one of the more eclectic voices on the international scene and one of the best renowed and respected vocal coach.
Linda Campanella has a complete and wide experience in all the main vocal repertoire: Opera, Belcanto, Baroque, Lieder, Contemporary.
All the main roles of “Soprano di coloratura” debuted, several recordings and first performances in Baroque , collaboration with piano-star like Michele Campanella for the Lieder.
As a vocal coach Linda has great experience and world consideration: Masterclasses in Tokyo Kunitachi College of music, Beijing University e Conservatorio Cantelli Novara.

CLASSES 2019 - 2020

18th - 24th of November 2019

20th - 26th of January 2020

16th - 22nd of March 2020

4th - 10th of May 2020