In every single art lies the chance for extraordinary talents to flourish and rise. Gifted with unique creativity, talented men are capable of unfolding the hidden mystery of life, while gently using art to lead others through unexplored pathways. 

Yet, regardless of natural inclinations, talents need to be constantly nurtured to achieve excellence. Talent and discipline: a simple yet unusual combination that encapsulates the essence of Talent Music Master Courses and explains its strategic role within the current scenario of high-level music schools in Italy.

Talent Music Master Courses was founded in 2013. Proposing an innovative approach to teaching and the learning process, the academy focuses on creating solid and valuable relationships between students and professors.
Here, students are not simply students: at Talent Music Master Courses the focus is entirely on discovering and developing what makes each student unique.
Students have the opportunity to nurture their passion, develop their style and their own artistic way of expressing it. Our students will be guided by attentive and supportive professors on their journey towards excellence. 

At Talent Music Master Courses, we believe that nurturing talents goes far beyond teaching technical competencies and theories. First and foremost, talents need to explore their inner soul and unleash - with passion, creativity and enthusiasm – all of their potential. The long-term journey of each student is supported by different professors: each of them helps students to grow, providing highly customized lessons and constructive feedbacks while constantly measuring their improvements. This is Talent Music Master Courses’s way to transform hidden talents into international top performers. Due to its long-term commitment and support to culture and arts, the city of Verona represents the perfect location for our school. 

In Brescia, Talent Music Master Courses is constantly growing and has now the pleasure to host a pool of international students coming from all over the world (China, France, Korea, India, Italy, Romania, Russia,  South Africa, Ukraine, Vietnam, USA), studying with top international professors and performers. At Talent Music Master Courses, we dedicate our work to support culture as we firmly believe it to be the main tool to widen the mind and the spirit of human beings.